Shef City is a mapping project that seeks to identify, highlight and encourage patronage at woman*-owned and -run food businesses. Using information submitted and gathered through crowdsourcing the map has been made public since its inception and is to be used as a resource amongst individuals and organizations.

Although there are many restaurant review platforms, none highlight particularly well WHO is cooking or WHO owns the space. Turns out, there are a ton of woman-led kitchens and woman-owned restaurants. This information is just not often plotted together. This map brings that information in a simple format answering the questions - where are the women chef and owners?...All around us!

Presented here is an alternate view of the geography of a city. Although at times it may seem inherent, city maps did not always have businesses on them. Let us write our own geography. One that is inclusive. One that highlights and underscores the presence of women leaders and entrepreneurs. Now, lets eat.

*Self-Identifying Woman

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laurie ellen Pellicano

Is a food professional specializing in baking & pastry arts. Her story is part East coast: as a current South Brooklyn resident having grown up in New Jersey; and part Californian: having spent 12 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both have played large roles in forming her culinary journey and ethos.

When not working as an amateur Google Cartographer Laurie Ellen can be found working in recipe development and testing, crafting breakfast and custom desserts for special occasions, teaching, on a set styling or drinking coffee... light and sweet if its early, or short and dark if its late.